Laurie Crane, North Sea Oil – Saturation Diver and Film Extra

Welcome to Laurie Crane’s Website

Laurie currently lives in St Andrews, Scotland with his wife of 16 years Hazel. They are now proud Grand Parents to Jack his daughter Laura’s son. Laurie shares his time helping around the house during the summer, and in the winter months playing golf and relaxing out in La Manga, Southern Spain.

Laurie under water

Laurie currently lives in St Andrews, Scotland, where his wife of 16 years Hazel runs a Guest House, Burness House close to the “Old Course” Now a proud Granddad to Jack his daughter Laura son. Laurie shares his time when at home helping out in the Guest House, and when it’s closed in the winter months playing golf and relaxing out in La Manga, Southern Spain.

Laurie is currently busy working away as a Saturation Diver, predominantly in the North Sea with Subsea 7 and involved with a mixture of inspection, construction and hyperbaric welding work.

Hazel and LaurieFascinated having witnessed a diver being hauled from the murky cold depths of Holyhead Harbour in Standard gear, Laurie then aged 8 had to wait till he was 14 before pinching his brothers scuba equipment and diving the clear, safe coastal waters of Anglesey, at 16 he joined the Gwynedd branch of the British Sub aqua club. He now earns his living in the often-harsh environment of the North Sea. Four decades of diving, has taken Laurie to all corners of the world, first as an air diver and today as a Saturation diver & hyperbaric welder

Having served his apprenticeship as a welder fabricator, a remarkable recovery from a severe wrist injury finally persuaded Laurie to realise his dream, that of becoming a commercial diver & hyperbaric welder. His aspirations have been met, though he readily admits, it’s at times been very tough, and is fortunate to have worked with and learnt from some of the most experienced divers in the construction & hyperbaric welding industry.

Taking a break from the North Sea, Laurie worked the film industry for his cousin “Simon Crane” one of the worlds top Stunt Co-ordinators & 2nd Unit Directors whose credits include Troy, Terminator 3, Braveheart, Tomb Raider to mention a few. Here Laurie was employed as marine safety co-ordinator, and actually played the part of “Seaman Scarrot” in the film “Titanic”. This was immediately followed by another film “The Saving of Private Ryan” where Laurie was again employed as marine safety advisor.